info & FAQs


  • Reservations can be made on day of event based on availability.
  • Exact delivery time will be confirmed a few days before the event.
  • All deliveries are between 7a-12p on the day of the event.
  • All pick-ups by 8p unless an overnight rental has been reserved.

General Operation requirements

  • An operator must be present at all times.
  • The maximum riders and weight is based on unit and the operator will be advised at time of inflatable delivery.
  • The following are prohitibited in the inflatables:
      • No food or drinks
      • No face paint
      • No silly string
      • No chewing gum
      • No Shoes
  • Cleaning fee ($50) will apply for food/drink, silly string, intentional water and pet waste found on the inflatable.
  • The Lessee is responsible for all damages to equipment; this includes theft, fire, vandalism and other damages due to negligence.


  • Do you take credit card?
    • No. We only accept cash or check. Payment is due at time of setup.

  • How much is delivery?
    • Free for Stark County event locations. Otherwise, it is $2/mile

  • What is your weather policy?
    • Inflatable cannot be used when:
      • They are wet inside, exluding water slides.
      • Winds over 20MPH
    • We may cancel the rental the day prior or the morning of delivery if the forecast calls for inclement weather. We will call you to discuss further, however, we reserve all rights to cancel your rental based safety concerns.
    • No refunds will be given once the inflatable has been setup.

  • Can I cancel my reservation?
    • Yes, up to 24hrs prior to delivery time.

  • Is your company insured?
    • Absolutetly! If your corporation requires a copy of the insurance certificate, please let us know.

  • Can I keep the inflatable overnight and is there a charge for that?
    • In most cases, yes you can and there will be a $50 charge. Overnight rentals can be confirmed when you place your order.

  • Do you donate inflatables?
    • We enjoy supporting our local communities, but donations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • What are the electrical requirements of each inflatable?
    • Each blower requires a separate 20Amp outlet. The outlet should be GFI protected.

  • How far away from the electrical souce can the inflatable be?
    • Each blower must be within 100ft of the electrical outlet.